Men of the Honourable Artillery Company are buried in cemeteries and commemorated on Memorials to the Missing in the following countries (number of casualties):

Austria (1)
Klagenfurt War Cemetery (1)

Egypt (11)
Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery (1)
Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery (3)
Cairo War Memorial Cemetery (2)
Kantara War Memorial Cemetery (2)
Port Said War Memorial Cemetery (1)
Suez War Memorial Cemetery (2)

Germany (3)
Cologne Southern Cemetery (2)
Niederwehren Cemetery (1)

Greece (4)
Mikra Memorial (3)
Syra New British Cemetery (1)

Israel and Palestine (5)
Deir El Belah War Cemetery (1)
Jerusalem Memorial (2)
Jerusalem War Cemetery (2)

Lebanese Republic (2)
Beirut War Cemetery (2)

Syria (5)
Damascus Commonwealth War Cemetery (5)

Turkey (including Gallipoli) (1)
Haidar Pasha Cemetery (1)


Database of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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